Verifying Signature

George Summerton
Tue Feb 5 01:42:01 2002

I am having a strange problem with the signature verification function using
WinPT 0.5.5 with GnuPG 1.06 (Windows binary).

If I sign and encrypt text in a single operation, the verification is always as
"The signature is good. From George Summerton (key ID
This happens no matter which of my secret keys I use to sign the text.

The problem is that none of my keys (DSA or ELG-E) has an ID or partial ID of
0x12EAD0 -- which, as you can see, is only 6 digits long anyway.  That string is
not part of the ID or fingerprint of any of my keys.  Besides, I get the same
key ID no matter which secret key I use for signing or what key I encrypt the
text to.  Strange.

Is this a bug in WinPT or am I missing something?  In PGP, I always get the
correct key ID of the signer's key when I verify text that has been encrypted
and signed in a single operation.  Does it not work the same way with GnuPG and
WinPT?  Is this a Windows binary problem perhaps?

Thanks for any advice.