AW: encrypt body messages

Huels, Ralf SCORE
Thu Feb 7 16:40:02 2002

> I'm looking for some help about sending email messages with encrypted
> bodies. I use mutt as MUA, and when I try to encrypt a message, mutt
> asks me for a recipient key id. Is this key the public key of the
> recipient?


> How can I get it? Where is it stored?

You can ask the recipient to send it to you or you can get it from=20
a number of public key servers.=20
Have a look at Remember to make
sure you have the correct key.
Read the Manual in your favorite language at=20 for the basic concepts.
The sections on exchanging keys and key management are relevant
in this context.

On your machine keys are stored in ~/.gnupg/pubring.gpg or similar.
GnuPG should find the key ring. Pressing <enter> or ? (I forget which)=20
when mutt prompts you for a key ID should give you a list of available=20