gpg screens output piped to file

Mark Pettit
Thu Feb 7 17:09:02 2002

>Hi there,
>im using gpg in a perl script an need to pipe the screenoutput in a file.
>i tried to do the following  gpg --options --commands | textfile
>with no succses.
>i tried out the options --logger-fd and --status-fd with a following
>no succses.
>i dont realy understand the options --logger-fd and --status-fd.
>what do they realy do.
>can anyone help ?

What do you really want to do?  GPG 1.0.6 doesn't support "--options"
and "--commands".

If you're annoyed (as I was) that some of the output from gpg doesn't
go to either stdout or stderr, try using the "--batch" option.  That
will make all output to to a FD you can redirect.

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