executing from the web

Andre Flitsch andre@pixel-works.co.uk
Fri Feb 8 17:23:01 2002


I need to send an encrypted email using gpg, after a user has completed a
form. I have found several php code solutions to this problem but all of
them have seem to give the same error. When i run the commands with
an --output option the file is never created. I am really confused by this.
The temp dir that the file is being written to is writable by the world, but
the temp encoded file is never generated. Here is an example of the command
that i execute:

/usr/bin/gpg -e -a -q --batch --no-tty --homedir '/home/kinetec/.gnupg' -o
'/tmp/9343c2ddab82b7288eaf51afea671f4f.gpg' -r
'0x0F5B3D6F' --no-secmem-warning --default-key '0x055A5279' 2>&1

can anyone suggest why this may not work, and what i can do to get it to

thanks in advance