Enigmail : Mozilla GnuPG plugin

pplf pplf01@yahoo.com
Tue Feb 12 10:47:02 2002


FYI, a post in alt=2Esecurity=2Epgp gives the URL of a Mozilla project :=20
Enigmail, which is a GnuPG plug-in for Mozilla 0=2E9 / Netscape 6 for=20
Linux & Windows : http://enigmail=2Emozdev=2Eorg/

It works well, except the fact that the multi-user install in=20
/usr/local/mzilla fails on my linuxbox=2E It works when I install a=20
Mozilla binary in my /home and then install the Enigmail xpi's=2E I hope=20
this will be fixed soon (the project is in alpha status)=2E


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