HOWTO Revoke a key without having any backup of the key pair ????

Armin Schöch
Wed Feb 13 15:06:02 2002

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Hi !

> Unfortunatelly, I haven't done such a revocation certificate :(
> But I guess there must be some system administrator/moderators or so for
> these key server, right ?
> Someone somewhere must exist to give me some help on this :)
> no ?

No, because there is no way for anyone to know for sure that you are
the legal owner of the key you want to have deleted. That's what you
have your revocation certificate for (this is a good time to make one
myself :-)

Another problem is: Once you have placed a key on one keyserver, it is
automatically distributed to all keyservers worldwide. So even if you
can convince one administrator to remove your key, there will be many
many copies left on other keyservers and on harddisks of other people
who downloaded your key.

The revocation certificate on the other hand takes the same way as
your key when you upload it to a keyserver and will render your key
invalid everywhere. People who have downloaded your key have to update
their keyring and will get the certificate from the keyserver, IIRC.

Sorry to give you no better news !


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