HOWTO Revoke a key without having any backup of the key pair ????

Sebastian Wiesinger
Wed Feb 13 15:14:02 2002

* Franck PERREAU <> [2002-02-13 14:49]:
> Unfortunatelly, I haven't done such a revocation certificate :(
> But I guess there must be some system administrator/moderators or so for
> these key server, right ?
> Someone somewhere must exist to give me some help on this :)
> no ?

If you don't have a revocation certificate, there is no way to mark
your key as invalid. And the administrators of the keyservers will not
remove your key. Why? Because there is now way to verify you as the
valid owner of the key. They won't remove the key. (Not mentioning
that there are many keyservers, all of them interchanging
the keys they get. So you would have to write them all to remove your

Conclusion: If you lost your key and haven't got a rev-certificate,
you have no way to remove it / make it invalid.

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