HOWTO Revoke a key without having any backup of the key pair ????

Steve Butler
Wed Feb 13 16:53:02 2002

We are all presuming that you don't have a backup of your hard drive and
didn't copy your secret key someplace else (like on a diskette locked up in
your desk buried under the junk pile in the corner where nobody would ever
think to look).  

The only way to prove ownership is for you to recover your secret key and
have the pass phrase to use it.  Then you could generate a revocation

Hmm. Guess I'll be busy today generating a couple of those for the "just in
case" scenario.

--Steve Butler
Oracle DBA
First Choice Health Network
(and please ignore the notice that the State of Washington is forcing all
health care business to append to all outgoing email).

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It's easy: You just have to proof, that you are the owner of the key

> Unfortunatelly, I haven't done such a revocation certificate :(
> > > I've been stolen my laptop and would like to know what is the

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