Key expiration

Søren Hansen
Thu Feb 21 16:18:02 2002

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On Thu, 2002-02-21 at 15:33, S=F8ren Hansen wrote:
> I've set an expiration date on my key.. When the time comes, where I'll
> have to generate a new key, what then?
> Which commands will I use?
> How will everybody know?
> How do I make sure I don't break any trust-relationsships that I've
> built?
> What will happen to other people's keys that I've signed?

Alright, I figured out the thing making a new subkey.. But if the master
key has expired are the subkeys still good? Maybe what I'm looking for
is an explanation what a "master key" is.. Is it just the one which
fingerprint is used to identify my collection of master-key and
sub-keys, or is there more to being a master key than that?

Salu2, S=F8ren.

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