GnuPG with virtual servers

Andrew McDonald
Fri Feb 22 17:37:02 2002

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On Fri, Feb 22, 2002 at 06:07:07AM -0800, Tom Bellucco wrote:
> My web site is hosted on a server that hosts many web
> sites.  I've contacted the administrator and asked him
> to imput my public key into the PHP user's key ring
> but he's concerned about any security implications
> seeing that multiple sites are hosted from this one
> server.  He seems to be most concerned with the
> instruction to "fully trust."  I'm trying to get him
> to set this up so I can secure data on some forms I
> use on the site that are e-mailed in the PHP script.

Maybe I'm missing something, but why does it need to be set to fully
trusted? Would --always-trust (or maybe --trusted-key) do the job?

Andrew McDonald

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