Using gpg from PHP system call

Tom Bellucco
Sat Feb 23 22:59:01 2002

The article on this page:

explains how to call gpg from within a PHP script by
way of a system call to encrypt the contents of a
form, then e-mail it.  I have followed all of the
instructions to get gnupg installed properly (thanks
to David Shaw!!) but when running the script, the call
to gpg is failing.  I know this because my script
tells me it can not open the file which would contain
the output from the call to gpg (the error says the
file does not exist).  I've tried sleeping after the
call to gpg thinking it never had a chance to finish,
but no go.  I commented out the 2 calls that delete
the data files, and the output from gpg never gets
created.  When I telnet to my web server and run this
command letter for letter manually, it works.  For
some reason it is not able to run when called from
within the script.

Has anyone on the list done this, or is anyone using
gpg in conjunction with PHP to do something similar?

Tom B.

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