using gpg securely on a remote system

Mon Feb 25 01:06:01 2002

Hi all,

I want to be able to sign/encrypt emails that I send on a remote system
that I log into. I do not have physical access to this machine, nor do I
have administrative rights. It is just a machine that I log into everyday
remotely and do work on. What is the most secure way of keeping my keys
safe on that system? I would rather not create a new key just for this.

I understand that one way to do this is to have a copy of the gpg
executable and my keys on a CD/floppy and copy the received email into a
text editor on a local machine, add the reply, encrypt/sign it, and then
paste it back into the ssh client and send off the email. This is rather
cumbersome and I'm looking for a much more efficient way of doing this if

PS: please CC to me.

Thank you.