Changeing hash/algorythm

Sat Jan 5 00:36:02 2002


I am more than a little confused with changeing the different
encryption, and signing hash.

I thought that when a key was made.  A preferred set was encoded into
the keys.  That you could not change this.  Except after the fact.  By
editing the key properties.

Confussion,  what is the option or command to use a different
encryption. or signing hash do then.  How is this communicated to the
user, who has your key which says you use something else.

Hope I was not confussing.

Also I read in one of the manuals that you could compile "gpg"
differently, so you could pick a differrent pair at key generation.  If
I id not misread this.  Is this avaliable for downloading any where.  Or
is this a feature of 107, I have read that the key management was


Frank D. Hubeny