removing the secmem warning

Nick Wilson
Mon Jan 7 19:47:01 2002

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* Frank Tobin <> [020107 19:37]:
> I'd like to question the need for the secmem warning.  Do you actually
> think it is useful?  I am coming to the conclusion that it is only causing
> confusion among users.  As the GnuPG users crowd widens, we're only going
> to see more of the same issue of people asking "what is this error?".
> It's not the asking that is the problem; it is a symptom of many users
> being confused, many that *aren't posting* and think there is a problem
> with their GnuPG.  FAQ's don't help unless they are integrated with the
> software (GnuPG's FAQ isn't).  manpages help a bit, but they are reference
> manuals, not help systems.
> Hence, I suggest that by default, there no secmem warning, and that there
> should be an alternate option "secmem warning" which turns it on.
> What sayeth you?

Right with you on that score.


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