How to disable/delete key from keyservers

Len Sassaman
Thu Jan 10 08:15:01 2002

On Wed, 9 Jan 2002, Josh Huber wrote:

> Manfred Mayer <> writes:
> > Do i have to create a new key?
> If you don't want all the cruft in your current key, yes.

Note that you can delete keys from the key server if you a) have a copy of
the private key, which seems to be the case, are using certain OpenPGP
implementations that support this, and are using a key server that has
this feature enabled.

> > Does the keyserver delete the expired keys after a distinct time to
> > clean up the database.
> No.
> Generate a revocation cert, import the cert, and upload the resulting
> key to the keyservers.

Probably the best course of action, since there is no guarantee that
someone else wouldn't upload the original key back to the server after you
deleted it.