removing the secmem warning

Owen Blacker
Fri Jan 11 14:19:01 2002

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Werner Koch wrote (2002-01-08 T 20:11 +0100):
> > *not* pop into users' head to go to the website to check a FAQ.  They
> > expect programs to be self-explaining as much as possible.  Explictly
> > giving URL in warning is a great way to go.
> Okay. I do so for this warning.  Okay?

I think (as I mentioned earlier) that would be a great idea.  Newbie's
aren't likely to think of looking in an FAQ, they're more likely just to
read it, go "Huh?" and then worry why it's not worked right (when, in
fact, it has).

Imho, the best suggestion was from Ricardo Signes in

Whether or not other messages, warnings and errors need explaining, is
another matter entirely.  I'd say that, on the whole, they don't.

> > Sorry Werner, but you haven't been a 'user' for a long time.
> ;-)


I'd say that's probably the case for most people on this list, tbh...

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