Password as an option

Booterbaugh, Nancy A.
Mon Jan 14 22:28:02 2002

Can someone tell me how to use the passphrase-fd option on Windows 2000?  I
am trying to convert from PGP to GPG, and I need the syntax in GPG to do the

pgp.exe "C:\filename.pgp" +BATCHMODE +FORCE +VERBOSE=0 -z "passphrase"
>>%logfile% 2>&1

How do I set up a file descriptor from my file name within a bat file?

Nancy A. Booterbaugh

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From: Frank Tobin []
Sent: Monday, January 14, 2002 11:16 AM
To: Daniel Siegers
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Daniel Siegers, at 11:55 +0100 on 2002-01-14, wrote:

> is it possible to give gnupg the passwort for the signiture as an option

Nope.  Please look into using the passphrase-fd option.

Frank Tobin

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