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Of course we are all very busy :)

Usually the shortest, most precise questions are replied faster. Try
breaking it down, and contribute back what you find out, piece by piece,
you'll get a better chance of people helping you. Remember this is mostly
voluntary help, not a 24/7, guaranteed support line. All your questions
seemed very relevant/technical, personally I pass when I can't answer all
the message at once in less than 5 min.

Take care,

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On the 7th of January I posted some question re: use of gpg in a php
application (see attached). I did not see any responses over the past week.

If you are all very busy or I have posted to the wrong forum  accept my
apologies. I can understand that some of the questions may not be relevant
or not technical but they are not answered in the faq/man pages. As I am not
using Linux/Unix does this mean that some of the options or GPG will not

Could you let me know where I might find the answers to my questions.


Mike Burgess