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Janus Christensen januschr@email.dk
Tue Jan 15 20:36:02 2002

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On Tue, 2002-01-15 at 17:42, bernardino lopez wrote:
> It worked for me with Linux =3D)
> Sorry man... but If U R not a Linux/Unix user I don't
> see what R U doing in this mailing list.


*sigh* This has been one of the few mailing lists where I have not seen
people wantonly flaming other list members; until now that is.

Bernadino, you are behaving stupidly, and you probably know it by now.
One can only hope that your post was done in jest (albeit in poor
taste), and that - if I may extend a small piece of friendly advice -
you will say so publicly, here, on the list - with apologies, of course.

Oh, and drop the 3L1te talk - or whatever script kiddies call it - it
does not become you.

> Brains R like books only work when they R open

Considering the attitude you have put on display here, I can hardly
begin to imagine how you can subscribe this opinion.


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