Sorr y Mike... =(

Mike Burgess
Tue Jan 15 21:01:02 2002

That's ok,

I am aware that open source is mainly based around Linux/Unix but due to the
nature of the project I am working on I am unable to have an entirely
Linux/Unix system. The server will eventually be running Linux but I have
only limited experience with Linux/Unix. The user base (all the students at
Portsmouth University would primarily be running some form of Windows hence
the need for Windows).

In reply to Fabian Rodriguez I will split up my questions into sections and
post one at a time with more details and keep you posted on the results.

I chose GPG as I have used PGP for years (windoze :) only versions) but due
to the cost of licensing 13500 copies of the software a freeware alternative
had to be found. I could have used Win2k's inbuilt encryption and signing
but that would lock everyone into some form of windows with the costs this
comes with.


Mike Burgess

p.s. bernardino your php/gpg thing would be of great use, thanks.

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Sorry Mike and all of you guys...

I did not want to be mean to anybody...
You all are right, there is no way to ban anybody for
the OS that they use.

My day maybe is not doing soo good, but is not excuse
to be mean.

Just want let U know that I'm working in a Open Source
/Really small & very vey simple to encrypt /decrypt
using php/gpg.

I'm almost done, will post it here once done.

Best Regards D1n00z.

Sorry again Mike.