How to recurse encrypt files

Timo Schulz
Wed Jan 16 18:06:02 2002

On Wed Jan 16 2002; 16:07, Dominik Schwald wrote:


> often it's no good idea to delete the old extension, you should keep it 
> and simply add .gpg as additional extension.
> Here's the script:
> for i in *; do gpg -er RECIPIENT -o `echo $i`.gpg `echo $i`; done

The latest CVS version of GPG (1.0.6d) supports some new commands
for this purpose. With --encrypt-files you can encrypt more then
one file in a row. And the same for decryption with --decrypt-files.

In some cases scripts may be more handy but especially for the W32
environment this commands should provide an easy way for handling
more files with one process call.