Virus-checking software flagging GNUpg signatures?

Simon Josefsson
Mon Jan 21 15:29:02 2002

Marc Mutz <> writes:

> On Monday 21 January 2002 09:58, Simon Josefsson wrote:
> <snip> > Yet another problem: Forwarding a signed multipart 
>message inside > message/rfc822 usually changes the MIME 
>delimiters used within the > signed part as well <snip>
> Huh? Why should it?

Because noone forbids it? :-)

It does make sure you're sending correctly formatted messages, 
even though the incoming one wasn't.

When you forward a message in Gnus, the message is decoded and put 
into the message editing buffer.  When it is recoded it will get 
new MIME delimiters.  It is possible to forward it in a way that 
preserves the MIME delimiters, but this is not the default.  Maybe 
it should be though.  Probably.