Editing Public Key

Nick Andriash andriash@shaw.ca
Tue Jan 22 08:02:01 2002

Hello Mike Watson,

On Monday, January 21 2002 at 05:08 PM PDT, you wrote:

> Is there a way to edit the public key to change the comments and
> e-mail address? Or, should I just revoke it and issue another? 

You could do either, but I would suggest simply adding a new User ID
containing your new address. OTOH, if your old address is null and void
and your Key isn't that widely distributed, you may well want to generate
a brand new Key. How you do that depends on what you are using as a
Front-end for GPG. I personally suggest GPGTray, but there is also WinPT
and both greatly simplify the procedure.


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