How to import a gnupg-key to theBat

Roman Toenshoff
Wed Jan 23 18:54:01 2002

* Nick Andriash <> [020123 18:07]:
> Hello Roman Toenshoff,
> > If you want a gui it's probably easier to use
> > > winpt and be done with it, as you will still have to do all key
> > > management from the command line while in windows.
> No, that is not true. He can use GPGShell and perform all Key
> Maintenance from that Windows GUI... and quite easily I may add.

ok i tried it with GnuPG 1.06 on HP-UX and Windows.
Mailer on Windows: TheBat
Mailer on HP-UX: mutt

Hurra!! I can en- and decrypt all mails in both directions!

But, whats that? Now the message from the Windows-Client looks like:

[-- BEGIN PGP MESSAGE --]                                                                 
[-- END PGP MESSAGE --]                                                                   

Look at the ^M-Sign.
Is this the DOS-UNIX-LF-CR-Problem?

Thank you