Several questions as feedback on gnupg

Loic Bernable
Wed Jan 23 20:34:02 2002

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Selon Lionel Elie Mamane :=20
> Yup. Only addition of things (signatures, UID's, subkeys, keys...) is
> supported.

> > - I've read somewhere that some french people asked Werner to contact
> >   french administration (SCSSI) to legalize the use of GnuPG in France.
> The copyright belongs to the FSF, so the FSF "should" do it. But this
> declaration is only valid for one particular exact version, and free
> software evolves so fast, ...

Do you think fsf-europe people or affiliated could do this ? But I'm a
little OT now ...
> If anyone has access to your user account on your computer, you are in
> big trouble anyhow. If I can edit files in your homedirectory (and
> changing trusts needs that), there are much more subtle ways to screw
> you.

Actually ... yes :o)
> > - A friend of mine pointed out the problem that may occur with persons
> >   who have a common name and surname.
> That's why you should check the e-mail part of the UID too, before you
> sign the UID.

You mean, the way Mark explained earlier ?

Thank you all for these answers.

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