Key Management: Windows to Linux

Ken Wahl
Thu Jan 24 15:30:02 2002

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Graham Todd on 24/01/2002 at 11:07 opined thusly:

> Basically, I want a GUI front end that does key management and=20
> interfaces with mailers for encryption/signing much as GPGShell does.

I'm not sure that you'll find anything *yet* with quite the level of
integration to which you have become accustomed.  KMail, which you appear
to be using, seems to be the most highly recommended.  Second is
Sylpheed.  It's worth noting that both apps have been developing fairly
rapidly so a little patience may go a long way.

Although I haven't used either of them in at least a year, both
Geheiminis [sp?] and Seahorse worked well for me with my preference
actually being Seahorse because it ran faster on my ancient machine.
GPA which I haven't tried seems to have the support of a few on this
list as well.

> Don't refer me to Mutt: I am used to a GUI solution.

Oh, how sweet the temptation!

Ken Wahl
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