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Ken Wahl
Fri Jan 25 19:43:01 2002

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Davide Cavallari on 25/01/2002 at 16:39 opined thusly:

> thanks a lot for all these informations!
> there is a mutt config variable I don't understand yet:
> set pgp_sign_micalg=3D<some>
>    # message integrity check algorithm, where
>    # <some> is something from the next:=20
> 	        pgp-md5  	            to RSA keys=20
> 	        pgp-sha1                    to DSS (DSA) keys=20
> 		pgp-rmd160
> What is this MIC algorithm? Is it something different from the digest used
> to sign  the message?  (the default  in my gpg  is using  SHA1 to  get the
> message digest)

I'm not sure if this is an outdated variable as it is not in my
documentation or in the online mutt manual but md5 sha1 and rmd160 which
is ripemd-160 are all hash (digest) algorithms.  This would be the
equivalent of setting your digest algorithm on the command line with
ggp.  Otherwise gpg will use your defaults or your preferences in your
~/.gnupg/options file.

Ken Wahl
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