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Ollie Acheson <oacheson@acheson.org> Ollie Acheson <oacheson@acheson.org>
Sun Jan 27 01:58:01 2002

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Doesn't seem to be much interest here in Lotus Notes. I've posted questions
before but gotten no answers.

There is a commercial plugin for pgp 7 available for Notes (do a Google on
Notes and PGP), but none  for gpg that I can find.

There are several windows gui interfaces for gpg, though, that can handle
encryption/decryption of text in windows or in the clipboard, but I haven't=
gotten the signature authentication part to work for me for Notes (the=20
signature comes through asan attachment in Notes and I don't know how to=20
associate the two segments to hand off to gpg).

Let me know if you find anything else.


On Tue, Jan 22, 2002 at 06:14:39PM +0100, ricchieri@vdp.it wrote:
> Does anyone use Lotus Notes and GnuPG (Windows environment) with a plugin
> to encrypt/sign/decrypt/verify email messages ?
> I'm looking for a plugin but I cannot find nothing.
> Leo
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