Help with PGP 2.6x Compatibility

Johan Wevers
Sun Jan 27 22:07:02 2002

George Summerton wrote:

> Would someone please publish an options file for the nullify version of GPG
> 1.06 for Windows that will allow me to communicate with users of PGP 2.6x?

Decrypt (put the following 2 lines on one line, for example in a batch file):

gpg --digest-algo MD5 --cipher-algo IDEA --s2k-digest-algo MD5
 --s2k-cipher-algo IDEA --rfc1991 --compress-algo 2 %1


gpg --rfc1991 --compress-algo 2 --s2k-digest-algo MD5 --digest-algo MD5
 --cipher-algo IDEA --s2k-cipher-algo IDEA -r XXXXXX -e %1

with XXXXXX the keyID of the key you want to encrypt to.

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