PGP Schlüsse l nicht 100% kompatibel?

Volker Gaibler
Mon Jul 8 10:46:01 2002


On Sun, Jul 07, 2002 at 05:18:48PM +0200, wrote:
> ich habe festgestellt, das wenn man einen PGP Schlüssel aus PGP
> importiert (mit privatem Schlüssel) dieser aber nicht der
> Standardgröße entspricht also z.B. 2047 Bytes statt 2048, das man
> dann die Nachricht nicht mit Gnupg entschlüsseln kann.

well, first, this is an English list so please write in English.

I tried this (2047 bit key) with PGP 7.0.3 and it took horribly long
(well, in fact it did not complete because I cancelled), much much
longer than a normal 2048 bit key generation. I don't know why PGP
behaves like that (without giving an error message), but there is really
no reason to use such odd numbers as 2047 bit. This won't increase the
security - and 2048 is really enough. So just don't do it.


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