www.gnupg.org unaccessible ?

Veronica Loell info@nakawe.se
Mon Jul 8 19:48:02 2002

Dito, I use a text-only client and any html-formatted emails I get I just
throw away, unless its from someone I know in which case I tell them to
start using plain text. Even if say a message only is 3 times as large
in html-formatting, what possible reason is there to clutter the internet
and people's inboxes with that much pointless text in the form of html-tags?

>Subject: Re: www.gnupg.org unaccessible ?
>   From: "Anthony E. Greene" <agreene@pobox.com>
>   Date: Mon, 8 Jul 2002 12:51:23 -0400
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>On 08-Jul-2002/12:25 -0400, Adam Pavelec <apavelec@benefit-services.com> wrote:
>>An off-topic question:
>>What are your opinions on HTML e-mail?  In response to a previous post
>>re: attaching Public Key information to an e-mail, personally, I have
>>been using a template such as the one being used in this message which
>>points to the search results of a Public Keyserver.  I understand that a
>>lot of veterans despise HTML e-mail.  So, what are *your* thoughts?!?
>I dislike HTML mail. Plain text is more reliable, transfers and displays
>faster, and takes up less storage space. It's easier to process with
>custom written tools and it's easier to sign/encrypt.
>Sometimes HTML mail can be useful when formatting is required, but most of
>the time it's just a waste of bandwidth and diskspace. Some people use
>crazy fonts and colors, or have a background mage that makes the text hard
>to read... a lot like some web sites.
>I read mail in a mailer that does not natively support HTML, although I
>can view HTML if I like by lauching a browser as a viewer. But if there is
>no plain text message part and I have to choose between launching a
>browser and deleting the message, delete generally wins.
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