gpg 1.0.7 on Tru64 4.0F

Joseph Bruni
Fri Jul 12 22:59:02 2002

Hello all,

Just wanted to post that I've been able to get GPG 1.0.7 to compile and install
on Tru64 4.0F using the default C compiler (I didn't need gcc.) The only option
I had to specify was -std in order to get cc to recognize the "extern" keyword.
I was able to do that through the CFLAGS variable.

I also had to apply the malloc(0) patch because it appears that libc returns
NULL for a zero-length malloc.


Joseph Bruni

PGP fingerprint:
886F 6A8A 68A1 5E90 EF3F  8EFA E2B8 3F99 7343 C1E3

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