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Jason Harris jharris@widomaker.com
Sat Jul 13 00:05:07 2002

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On Wed, Jul 10, 2002 at 08:06:24PM -0400, Jason Harris wrote:
> On Wed, Jul 10, 2002 at 04:39:07PM -0400, David Shaw wrote:

> > Not really.  The copy of 0xC7A966DD on keyserver.kjsl.com (probably
> > the other pksd servers as well) is doubled - the uid and most
> > signatures appear twice.
> Good catch!  :)
> I fixed the copy on kjsl.com.  It is currently 69313 bytes (with
> a SHA-1 hash of 733171cafcae91f758ea1da8b7546b9fc2d0c69e).

Actually, 38,893 keys seem to have this problem (as of today, on
kjsl.com).  A spot check of 0xB4D3D7B0 shows that OKS and cks allow
"duplicate" userids as well.  This key has one uid with a one-byte
size field and a second with a two-byte size field.  Had they both
had one-byte sizes, for example, pks would have merged the signatures
and dropped the second userid packet.

A full list of keys (long keyid, tab, # duplicate uids) is at:

	http://keyserver.kjsl.com/~jharris/ <remove spaces> duplicate_uids.gz

with SHA-1 hash and size:

%./code/sha1sum duplicate_uids.gz
e6cd3752ab3f2b1cf2c8e84e8212b5b79b6b6d2a        370119  duplicate_uids.gz

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