How to import an old GnuPG signature?

Sat Jul 13 16:12:02 2002

On Sat, 2002-07-13 at 09:30, Peter Kuhm wrote:
> You wrote:
> | In the old machine, I was using the same version of GnuPG (1.0.6), in Red Hat 7.3
> if you don't need any new keypairs or such which you may have
> created in the meantime so why don't you simply copy your existing
> pubring.gpg
> secring.gpg
> trustdb.gpg
> options
> onto your new box? Am I missing something?

After I change this files of this machine for the older machine, it was
work sucessfuly.

Thank you and thanks to Timo.

See you guys.

> cheers,
> Peter