cannot send public key

Brian M. Carlson
Sat Jul 13 23:18:02 2002

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On Sat, Jul 13, 2002 at 10:59:19AM +0200, Michael Anckaert wrote:
> Hello all,
> When I want to send my public key to a keyserver, I get the following out=
> michael@carpathia:~ > gpg --keyserver --send-key xantor
> gpg: Let op: er wordt onveilig geheugen gebruikt!
> gpg: [fd 5]: read error: Verbinding reset door `peer'
> gpg: fout bij versturen naar `': eof
> Can anyone tell me what's wrong with this output or command?

Well, I'm going to make an assumption. You're running on some
flavor of Unix. If you're running on Windows, even with Cygwin, it could
be a totally different problem (the nasty ec=3D87 bug).

I might have been more helpful if you reproduced it in en. I can't read
Dutch very well, but I'll try.

In en: it says, roughly, read error on fd 5: peer reset connection. eof

fd 5 is the file descriptor that gpg uses to read from the keyserver.
The keyserver neglected to finish the HTTP (HKP) connection with the
proper response. It is not an error with gpg. You can probably notice
this same response with <x-hkp://>. Anyway, the
server seems to be less tempermental now. You can alternately try a
different server, or you can try telling the admin of that server (if it
is that way for a while) that there is an issue.

I think the error is traditionally that it responds with a LF as opposed
to a CRLF, which is required, but I could be totally wrong here.
Somebody correct me if am, please.

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