simple-sk-checksum in linux gpg-1.0.7 to windows gpg-1.0.6 compatibility

Rüdiger Kupper Ruediger.Kupper@Physik.Uni-Marburg.De
Mon Jul 15 14:17:02 2002

Dear John,

I experience exactly the same problem, and I'm completely out of ideas, too.
The only way to make win-gpg-1.0.6 import (and use!) a linux-1.0.7 
secret key is to generate a completely new keypair, using that 
"--simple-sk-checksum" option, which is classified to be a security risk 
in the GnuPG handbook.
And even besides that possible security risk, it does not really solve 
the problem of importing an already _existing_ linux-1.0.7 secret key 
generated without this option. And, of course, this is what I want.

After almost a week of testing, trial, error and frustration, I made up 
my mind that probably the best way to "solve" the issue is to wait until 
a win-gpg-1.0.7 binary becomes available... Hopfully this won't have the 
problems described above.

Nonetheless, if anyone has a solution, I would appreciate :-).

Best regards,

You display the wonderful traits of charm and courtesy.