Argh I forgot how to re-create the options file

Adam Pavelec
Mon Jul 15 15:03:02 2002

> Thanks for answering guys but my question isn't answered yet.
> I'm on w32 and the zips don't contain an option file and I can't figure
> how to generate one with all the defaults, etc. that somehow was done on
> the first 1.06

I'm not sure about versions other than the current
from, but by default, there is no options
file included in the archive.  However, you can create you own -- just
create a file called "options" (without the quotes, no file extension) in
the same directory that you extracted the zip package to.  By the way, it
has been recommended that you extract GPG to the following path: C:\GNUPG --
otherwise, you may need to modify your Registry.

Please remember to take a look at the manual file (, the help file
(, and the readme files (README and README.W32).  There is a wealth
of information to be found.  By the way, has an entire section on
the options file and all of its attributes.