simple-sk-checksum in linux gpg-1.0.7 to windows gpg-1.0.6 compatibility

Rüdiger Kupper Ruediger.Kupper@Physik.Uni-Marburg.De
Mon Jul 15 16:14:01 2002

David Shaw wrote:

>Here's how to transfer a 1.0.7-generated key to 1.0.6.
>1) gpg --simple-sk-checksum --edit (mykeyid)
>2) "passwd".  Change the password.  You can change it back to what it
>   was originally if you like.
>3) "save".
>Now you can do the usual --export-secret-key and --export to export
>the keys in a format that 1.0.6 can import.
Thank you David. That's the way to do it. (I could have sworn I had 
already tried this, but there you are... :-) )


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