key-keyserver problem?

David Shaw
Tue Jul 16 05:48:01 2002

On Mon, Jul 15, 2002 at 11:19:19PM -0400, Psy-Kosh wrote:

>     Hello, seems hkp servers don't like my key, but ldap (at least
> do. The web based servers have either mangled my
> current key, not representing the keyid properly, or just plain
> reject it now. Interestingly enough, even on surfnet, if one checks
> it for my key by ldap, it will give it, but by web, just gives an
> older, revoked key of mine, and denies the current one. When I try
> sending it to the web based servers through the websites, I get some
> sort of error about it being corrupted or something, even though gpg
> itself is perfectly happy about it. Is there a prob with my key, with
> gpg, am I doing something wrong, or is there a keyserver bug causing
> this? (or none of the above. :)

Do you have a v4 RSA key (that is a RSA key generated with GnuPG, or a
fairly recent version of PGP?)  The LDAP keyserver on
handles these properly, but the HKP keyservers (including the HKP
keyserver pn do not.


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