key-keyserver problem?

David Shaw
Tue Jul 16 21:04:02 2002

On Tue, Jul 16, 2002 at 02:31:26PM -0400, Jason Harris wrote:

> > So it's a v4 RSA key and you have multiple subkeys.  The HKP
> > keyservers are going to mangle the key, and then just to add insult to
> > injury, report it under the wrong keyid (look under 4E553FDF). :(
> Geez David, I _know_ you are aware of the fact that I've patched
> to calculate the keyids for v4 RSA keys correctly:
> (unless that email was forged).  So please, be specific.

Honestly, I'm not really closely following what you are doing with  After you pretty much didn't care that your HTML
changes were breaking programs that search the keyservers (like "gpg
--search-keys"), I figured you had decided to do what you wanted to do
and to hell with interoperability, so it wasn't worth my getting
stressed about it.

If your server doesn't have the indexing bug, then great:
all-hkp-keyservers-except-one.  It doesn't matter in any event, since
every HKP keyserver, including yours, will mangle any key with
multiple subkeys.

It's great that you are doing work on HKP to help it along, but no HKP
server is safely usable so long as they continue to corrupt keys.


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