key-keyserver problem?

Jason Harris
Wed Jul 17 00:17:02 2002

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On Tue, Jul 16, 2002 at 05:02:52PM -0400, David Shaw wrote:
> On Tue, Jul 16, 2002 at 04:33:14PM -0400, Jason Harris wrote:

> > Be aware that 0x401EDF13, being a subkey, isn't found by keyid from
> > ldap://  You might want to put, at minimum, the
> > primary keyid in your .sig or email headers.  (Manually fetching the
> > keyid reported in your PGP signature doesn't work.)
> This is not completely correct - the LDAP keyservers can searched by
> (long) subkey IDs.

That's good to know.  (GPG typically reports the short keyid, so
that's what I used (again, with a manual fetch).)

> Alas, a LDAP keyserver bug prevents subkey searching from working with
> v4 RSA keys, and it seems NAI isn't going to be fixing minor bugs. :(

Also good to know (only referring to the bug, that is).  Thanks.

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