Session key

Josh Huber
Mon Jul 22 11:30:02 2002

Czir=F3k M=E1rton <> writes:

> How can I use the previously generated session key again?
> I want to analyze the sturcture of the encrypted messages.

I believe you're looking for the show-session-key and
override-sesion-key options:

,----[ man gpg ]
|    --show-session-key
|              Display the session key used for one message. See
|              --override-session-key for the counterpart of this
|              option.
|              We think that Key-Escrow is a Bad Thing; however the
|              user should have the freedom to decide whether to go
|              to prison or to reveal the content of one specific
|              message without compromising all messages ever
|              encrypted for one secret key. DON'T USE IT UNLESS YOU
|              ARE REALLY FORCED TO DO SO.
|    --override-session-key string
|              Don't use the public key but the session key string.
|              The format of this string is the same as the one
|              printed by --show-session-key.  This option is
|              normally not used but comes handy in case someone
|              forces you to reveal the content of an encrypted
|              message; using this option you can do this without
|              handing out the secret key.


Josh Huber