export secret-key

Andreas Martin andi@gabbi.de
Mon Jul 22 11:30:34 2002

Hi all,

I'm sure you already knew, but im Wondering whether it is intentional that 
anyone can export my secret key without giving the Mantra.

In fact, my colleagues are capable to export my secret key while I'm on 
vacation. Worst case, my password for the Network-account has changed, a fact 
that is mostly ignored as a "strange behavior" of the Domain-Controller.

And while my friends continue encrypting Mails with my public-key, my 
colleague cna spend a lot of time in cracking my Mantra - and I will not even 
notice anything !?!

If there is any explanation, I would appreciate it if you could answer me by 
CC, because I'm not subscribed to this mailing-list.

Thank you, 

Andreas Martin