How secure is GnuPG

Daniel Carrera
Tue Jul 23 22:42:01 2002

> > Is there any drawback to using a 2048 bit key?  I know that it'll take
> > longer to make the key the first time, but I don't care.  That's a
> > one-time thing.
> All operations are slower of course.

I think I'll go for a 2048 bit key.  It doesn't seem that slow.

For an 11 MB text file my computer takes about 2.60s (real time) to sign
and encrypt.  The encrypted file takes 1.07s to verify and decrypt.

This does not include typing the password.

> From waht we know even 1024 bit are not factorable.  And attacks on
> your privacy won't be done by factoring key but by silently breaking
> into your computer and sniff whatever you wnat to keep confidential.

At least this can be reduced by saving confidential stuff in encrypted

> ... with "modern" worm technologies you have simple ways to snoop on
> the keyboard anyway.

This is disturbing.  Is there any way to protect from this?