In dire need of commercial support
Wed Jul 24 11:10:02 2002

From: Maurice Kemmann <>
To: KF <>
Cc: Werner Koch <>
Subject: Re: gnupg support in USA
Organization: OpenIT GmbH

Dear KF,

On Mon, 22 Jul 2002 09:54:12 -0400
KF <> wrote:

> Hi we have totally implemented gnupg into our production enviornment....
> we now need the status on support in the USA... if none is available
> what are our support options via email or phone call...

Currently we provide the following pricing model for overseas support:

 2nd. Level Support: 50 Euro per incident prepaid in blocks of 10
                     incidents. In total 500 Euro.  Email only, no
                     phone support. Support provided by us (OpenIT
                     GmbH, Germany).

 3rd. Level Support: 110 Euro per hour with a minimum charge of one
                        hour.  Alternatively 100 Euro per hour for a
                        prepaid budget of at least 5 hours.  Email only
                        but depending on the problem we might call you
                        back.  Actual Support will be handled by g10 Code
                        GmbH, Germany.

As I told you some time ago, we are in contact with serveral US
companies in order to setup a support network in the US.  When
everything is on the run in the US you may choose to get your support
there; your prepayments will then be transferred.


Maurice Kemmann

OpenIT GmbH                             tel   +49 211 239 577-0
Maurice Kemmann                         fax   +49 211 239 577-10
Jahnstr. 18                             email
D-40215 D|sseldorf            


Previous letter explaining levels of support... there is currently no level
one support.

On Mon, 08 Apr 2002 09:32:33 -0400
KF <> wrote:

> Well our company is currently using NAI pgp and they feel comfortable
> that if they have an issue with an encryption or decryption that they
> can shoot off an email or call someone and get some help trouble
> shooting the problem, we just need the same with GNUpg. I don't
> anticipate any real issues using the product based on personal
> experience. In our production enviornment however if a problem does
> arise we will certainly need someone that can provide another set of
> eyes to solve the problem... You probably know more about the common
> problems with GNUpg than I (difference between First - Third level
> support). Perhaps you can describe the 3 levels of support and basic
> price structure?

First level support means help by E-Mail and Phone for end-users.
Second level support stands for higher qualitiy means for support towards
administrators. Third level support is support on developper level.

> Am I correct in understanding that you DO have clients from the Us as of
> right now? Our project is not fully underway but we are in great need of
> a quick solution... and the ability to support GNUpg will make or break
> the decision to use it in our company.

No, in the moment we do not have any customers in the US. We are talking
with some partners who should do the support work in the US but it may
take a while since all the problems are solved.

If you wish we can inform you when there is a partner in the US you can
connect for support.

Hope it helps for the moment,


Maurice Kemmann

OpenIT GmbH                             tel   +49 211 239 577-0
Maurice Kemmann                         fax   +49 211 239 577-10
Jahnstr. 18                             email
D-40215 D|sseldorf