Keeping keyrings in different locations

Daniel Carrera
Wed Jul 24 16:23:02 2002

Well, a simple solution is to move your secret keyring to the CD-R and
make a symlink from the place the gpg expects to find the secret keyring
to its location in the CD-R.


ln -s /mnt/cdrom/secring.gpg /home/clint/.gnupg/secring.gpg


On Wed, 24 Jul 2002, C Chadwick wrote:

> Is it possible to keep the secret keyring in a different location than
> the public one? I'd like to keep my secret ring on some read only media
> (ie CD-R) and only be able to encrypt messages when the CD is in the
> drive. Is there a way to configure GnuPG to do that. It seems to want a
> place to find all keyrings. I'd like to keep the public keyring on my
> hard drive so when I meet people I can quickly add their public key
> without needing a burner or what-not.
> I use a computer that is owned by my employer and I don't want to keep
> my secret keyring on it for obvious reasons. I also use GPG on my
> personal computer. What is recommended in these situations?
> Thanks,
> Clint