GnuPG version 1.0.7

Daniel Carrera
Wed Jul 24 23:34:02 2002

Alright, I just upgraded to GnuPG 1.0.7.

Perhaps someone can help me with a few questions:

1)  Does 1.0.7 fix any bugs in 1.0.6 or does it just add RSA?  (I just
want to judge the importance of the upgrade).

2)  I'm trying to encrypt a file for myself, using my old key, and
something odd is happening.  The program says:

It is NOT certain that the key belongs to its owner.
If you *really* know what you are doing, you may answer
the next question with yes

Use this key anyway?

This is my own key, and I never got this message before.  What does this

3)  Trying to decrypt this encrypted file cases an error:

Failed to run gconf-sanity-check-2: Failed to execute child process
"gconf-sanity-check-2" (No such file or directory)

as well as the warning that there's no guarantee that I am me.

Should I be worried about the sanity check error?

4)  Do I have to generate a new key pair?  Would it be advantageous in any

Thanks for the help,