Keeping keyrings in different locations

AARG! Anonymous
Thu Jul 25 11:19:22 2002

C Chadwick [24/07/2002]:
> Is it possible to keep the secret keyring in a different location
> than the public one?  I'd like to keep my secret ring on some read
> only media (ie CD-R) and only be able to encrypt messages when the
> CD is in the drive.  Is there a way to configure GnuPG to do that. 
> It seems to want a place to find all keyrings.  I'd like to keep the
> public keyring on my hard drive so when I meet people I can quickly
> add their public key without needing a burner or what-not.

(Assuming that you work on a unix computer, and that your CD-R media
is mounted under /cdrom)

Make your ~/.gnupg/secring.gpg a link to /cdrom/keys/secring.gpg

Unix is fun!