Using GnuPG behind Proxy

Fri Jul 26 16:40:02 2002

Hi all, my GnuPG (1.0.7a-nr2) got some problems going public via LAN using
http-proxy. Following the manuals i use as options:

----------------options file-----------------------------
default-key 37E7FBDD
keyserver x-hkp://
photo-viewer "c:\gnupg\gpgshell\gpgview.exe %I /title %k"
keyserver-options auto-key-retrieve
default-cert-check-level 0
load-extension Lib\idea
keyserver-options honor-http-proxy
keyserver-options http_proxy
#HTTP Keyserver
# LDAP Keyserver
#keyserver ldap://
note: i added the proxy adress by feeling since i couldnt find any comments
about this in the gpg.txt but guessed gpg would like to know wich door to
knock on..


Getting key(s) 0x5E4B731F from server x-hkp:// ...

gpg: requesting key 5E4B731F from HKP keyserver
gpg: host not found: ec=11001
gpg: can't get key from keyserver: No such file or directory
gpg: Total number processed: 0

Every help appcretiated,

Thx, Mortimer
GnuPG public key: 0x37E7FBDD