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Fri Jul 26 21:36:01 2002

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Hello Art,

Friday, July 26, 2002, 1:42:22 PM, you wrote:

AS> Are there any detailed installation/operating instructions for Windows
AS> platform? I've downloaded the software, unzipped it, and tried running
AS> the gpg.exe file. It would be nice to see the prompt listing the 4
AS> options shown in the handbook. Instead it came back with: "Go ahead and
AS> type your message ..." It seems to accept typing input, but I don't see
AS> how to terminate the message.

I seems to me you have just the GPG or PGP back end installed.  However from
your subject "Newbie on Win platform" you need a front-end application as
well.  Since you refer to yourself as a "Newbie" I will give you same reply
as others previously.

Download latest GnuPG which is a development version which works fine at (975k) with
signature file at

Download GPGshell per link at
version 2.45. Their are install instructions for GPGshell & GnuPG on this
site that should get you operational.

For beginners join Yahoo groups with home page at The PGP-Basics group will answer
any questions to get you off to the races. <g>

Other here may have different advice, but this was the path I used to
get started a few months ago. I haven't regretted it.

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